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Joomla Blogging and SEO for Joomla Moved

Posted: 21 Aug 2011 02:37 AM PDT

You are reading Joomla Blogging and SEO for Joomla Moved, an article from SEO for Blogs.

A few weeks ago the WordPress.com based Blog on Joomla Blogging and Seo 4 Joomla were closed down by WordPress.com for violating their Terms Of Service.

I also had a Dutch WordPress.com site shutdown and after an email to the people of WordPress that was brought back up. The problem with all three of the sites was the fact that they linked to my website about Joomla SEO, http://www.pathos-seo.com.

I removed the link from the Dutch site and it has been up ever since I did that. It seems WordPress.com has Blacklisted the Pathos SEO web and all that link to it from within their free blogging network.

For the other two blogs I didn’t want to send a t and request to get them back-up again. I decided to take the content and put it on a new domein and give the whole site a makeover and set som new focus as well.

So here it is, SEO 4 Blogs my new website on which I plan to write on Joomla, WordPress, Blogging and SEO. I hope you will like it.

For now the most works is done as I needed to find all the old images on my Harddrive and upload them again…


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