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Fix for Categorie editing goes into endless loop

Posted: 26 Jan 2008 12:55 AM PST

You are reading Fix for Categorie editing goes into endless loop, an article from SEO for Blogs.

It recentrly came to my attention that ther was a Bug in the Productbook component < 1.0.3 that gets into an endless loop if you edit a categorie and select a categorie that is the same categorie.

That means if you already have one categorie and you start to edit it, you could select that categorie, or one on a higher level, to make it its own parent.

The easy way to fix this is to deinstall the component and install version 1.0.14 or higher

Unfortenatly if you already done this on an exiting installation you need to go into your PHPAdmin tool and change the faulty categorie back to the right toplevel.

Fxing a loop error in productboom categories


The table to edit is "jos_productbook_catg"

PHP Admin screen with Productbook catg table

You will see the that the value of the lastest edit categorie for cid is the same as the parent.
Which will bring it into an endless loop…

Change the parent value to the right cid nr and save it, this should fix the loop problem.

Change the parent id back to the original one

Top prevent this thing from happening again, you should replace the file admin.productbook.php with the new version which you can download from the download section.

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Phoca.cz brings a Productbook menu module

Posted: 30 Dec 2007 11:34 AM PST

You are reading Phoca.cz brings a Productbook menu module, an article from SEO for Blogs.

Today I found a great addition for the productbook component, which as a very pleasant suprise, since I am very busy with other projects and website building for customers.

The Productbook menu module

The Module of Phoca can be seen active on the right site, and will display all categories and sub-categories defined and published in the productbook component.

If you want to use this module, please check the download and information link:


The only problem I had with istallation was that I was missing the images, but from the upzipped package you can upload them with your mediamanage right into the images folder of Joomla itself.

The Joomla Productbook Module by Phoca

A big thank you goes to Jan Pavelka of www.phoca.cz .
They also have some great Joomla 1.5 components! So be sure to check the website!

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